Deep Troubleshooting

Comprehensive root cause analysis and forensics for Kubernetes and containers.

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Sysdig Monitor

Sysdig Monitor troubleshooting.

Get powerful kernel-level observability to troubleshoot host, network, application, container, and process issues.

Why Sysdig Monitor for troubleshooting?

Sysdig's cloud-native troubleshooting helps you dig deep to identify and solve the source of problems faster.

Check out Sysdig Monitor's troubleshooting features.

Sysdig Monitor

Deep insights.

Capture in-depth system call activity to more effectively triage issues in your container and microservices environment. Sysdig helps you find the needle in the haystack even if containers are killed.

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Full Stack data analysis

System-call visualization.

Full Stack Data Analysis

Launch Sysdig Inspect to view captured data organized by type to cross-correlate and isolate system info for troubleshooting and forensics investigations.

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We get all the details we need to see what caused a problem and even compare against different events over time to spot and resolve recurring issues."

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Sysdig Monitor

Detailed drill downs.

Drill deep into captured data to triage host and container issues. Investigage processes, commands, files, network connections, errors, logs, and much more.

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Experience deep troubleshooting.

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